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Cabe Sparrow is an ordinary guy with an extra-ordinary job: assisting people
very bizarre, inhuman abilities…

While some folk earn a living driving cabs or waiting tables, this Brit in America
works as an operative for a secret international agency whose existence serves
to protect a newly emerged sub-race of humans with bizarre “super” powers
dubbed Anomalies — and, sometimes, to protect society from them in return.
Recently though, Cabe and his team’s duties have become harder than ever as
the world around them fills with fear, biased government laws, and societal
violence against its Anomaly population.

Then the infamous, genius, billionaire C.E.O. behind the world’s foremost tech
company WrightTech comes out publicly himself as an Anomaly, and suddenly
Cabe has a new assignment: to protect Elliot Wright at any and all costs. But
with unknown forces working to take Elliot down for the clout he brings to the
Anomaly-rights movement, and the smooth-talking C.E.O. himself withholding
facts that could bring Cabe’s world crashing down around him, just how far will
Agent Sparrow go, to fight in a war that isn’t even his…?

Born on the rougher side of London to an English father and an American
mother, Cabe was moved to Ogallala, NE at the age of fifteen when his folks
were needed to help save his maternal grandparents’ family farm. While he
was close with his mother, his father was an abusive drunk whose behaviour
eventually led to Cabe leaving home soon after graduating U.S. high school.
He travelled across the States and Canada before settling in Seattle, WA and
entering the police academy. He served as a beat cop for three years before
he was enlisted by W.A.R.D.’s Agent Dasilva to serve with the secret unit.
The only child of outspoken innovator/inventor Mike Wright, who founded the
technology company WrightTech in the seventies, Elliot has promoted himself
publicly as a party-loving, womanizing playboy living the high-life on his dead
father’s dime. Regardless, since seizing corporate control in his late teens,
Elliot has become a trailblazer for the electronics industry and has built the
company into a prominent and powerful symbol of 21st century globalism.
However, in his own words, Elliot likes to keep his private life exactly that –
private. So exactly how much is this smooth-talking C.E.O. really hiding…?

Ronnie grew up living the simple life in suburban Idaho with only one
sibling, her older sister Charlotte (or “Chuck”). She lost her father when she
was only five, remembering him as a quiet, sweet, but passionate man, a
loss which forced her into her shell for the rest of her childhood. When
Chuck developed Anomaly abilities and ran away from home to avoid the
authorities that were calling by, Ronnie became obsessed with trying to
decipher what the government was doing about the Anomaly situation,
spending years using her talents to hack government servers and conduct
her own investigations. Eventually, this led to her being turned over to the
authorities, where W.A.R.D. recognized her talents and snapped her up.

Growing up, the life of Emiko and her three older siblings revolved solely
around their American father’s career as a manager at a top advertising
firm; uprooted constantly, the family had been residents of four different
countries by the time Emiko was ten. When she was fourteen, they moved
to New York, NY, where she attended an elite private high school and
graduated with honours. Not much is known about how she ended up at
WrightTech, or how she met Elliot Wright himself, but it’s obvious at least
that the two of them are close enough to have likely gone through some
pretty serious shit together…

Gabriella grew up with her paternal aunt, little brother, foster siblings, and
a whole host of feline friends in Florida. At eighteen, she joined the army
and became the only woman in her squad. Her army career was a brutal,
exhausting fight for gender equality, and she eventually graduated to the
Army Special Forces (Green Berets), which was where she was serving when
S.S.A. James Flint of W.A.R.D. recruited her. She was one of the first ten
operatives employed by the North American branch and is thus seen as a
“founding” member.

No stranger to what it’s like to be on the receiving end of prejudice and
discrimination, it’s no doubt Hakeem has fully thrown himself into his
duties and responsibilities as a technician and agent handler at W.A.R.D.
over the past two years. One of their youngest ever recruits, Hakeem grew
up in post-9/11 America, in a world where his family’s faith was strongly
criticized; this didn’t stop him from graduating high school and attending
Caltech on a scholarship at the tender age of fourteen where he double-
Majored in Engineering and Physics. It was his glowing recommendation
when he graduated with honours that led to him being headhunted and
eventually hired by W.A.R.D.’s James Flint.

Being “middle child” in a family of seven siblings may have been what was
responsible for James Flint’s burning desire to accomplish something with
his life; being a man of God may also have played a part in it. Like his two
older brothers, Flint travelled as a young man to complete his Mission in
southern California, where his eyes were opened to many other walks of
life very unlike his own. As an adult, Flint dedicated his life to his causes,
worked tirelessly with the A.C.L.U. and other charities, and practiced his
faith with a shameless modern, liberal sensibility. After his work with the
A.C.L.U. and the United Nations itself, Flint (along with several others) was
chosen to help run and recruit for the North American branch of W.A.R.D.
when it was first created. He is responsible for a great deal of fundraising
for the unit, as well as a lot of the diplomacy and red tape that happens
behind the scenes.

In early July of 2015, scientists at N.A.S.A. registered the brightest X-class solar
flare in recorded history. The northern lights were seen as far south as Honolulu,
the sky erupting in brilliant flashes of red, purple, green, and blue. Many families
sat out on their lawns to watch it, while those who were afraid had their fears
and concerns quelled by scientists on the television and Internet who claimed
the storm could certainly interfere with communications and electricity grids –
but that provided people were prepared, at least for the most part, it would be
fully and entirely survivable.

Fifty-two hours later, power outages plunged civilization into darkness all across
North America, Europe, and parts of Asia and Africa, as ground currents induced
by the huge geometric storms melted copper wiring and winders within trans-
formers and generators. Electricity failed, communications failed. Stock markets
crashed and the economic toll was extreme. Airplanes glided silently through the
sky after having their engines cut and G.P.S. lost by the electromagnetic pulse
that accompanied the storm. No one had ever imagined the proverbial end of
the world would come not with not with violence, chaos, and destruction, but
with an eerie, empty silence.

The planet fell into a state of panic as suddenly half of its population were un-
reachable by business partners, acquaintances, and loved ones. Governments
struggled to maintain order and control over their people as, believing this to be
the end, they rioted their way into madness. Martial Law was put into full effect
in the United States of America as suddenly normal, everyday activities became
impossible without the use of satellite communication or electricity, and as cities
who went without power for weeks, months, even seasons began to choke up,
fall apart, and starve.

But somehow, as humanity always had a tendency to, the world survived. Tech-
nicians and emergency workers slaved relentlessly to do whatever they could to
make a dent in the damage. Citizens banded together to defend storefronts and
other homes against looters and criminals taking advantage of the world’s weak-
nesses. The event has since been dubbed the Summer Solar Megaflare, and an
estimated two-point-six million lives were lost due to the combined efforts of
natural disasters, power failures, and widespread violence. Even on news reports
now, the topic is one that is always discussed very delicately; the world is still very
much rebuilding, finding its feet again after everything that’s been lost. It’s painful
to put pressure on wounds that are still so raw to so many. Never forget.

You can check out the timeline below for a brief history of the past four-and-a-
half years, since the Megaflare hit and Anomalies began to pop up all over the
Northern Hemisphere…

This section will update as more is discovered and revealed about the post-
Megaflare world W.A.R.D. and others now live and operate within.

About a half-year after the Megaflare, several cases of people displaying very
unusual, almost “supernatural” abilities surfaced.

In Idaho, there was the case of a teenage girl who could move objects as large
as an armchair with just her mind; in Japan, a pair of twins could create little
pools of fire and water in their hands, talents they practiced until they were
much more powerful; in Russia, a man was able to keep up with a Formula One
car on foot, and was imprisoned immediately after being discovered. As the
cases and more began to break, as their governments weren’t able to contain
the stories any longer, they made international headlines and soon the world
was facing another crisis, this time one that was panic-driven.

(View Ronnie’s print-out at a higher resolution HERE!)

The print-out’s first chart was released by the United Nations in 2019, showing
estimated geographical spreads of the world’s Anomaly population by country
and/or political border. The map is a stark contrast to the one released by the
U.N. in 2017 (two years before), which shows no country with more than an
estimated 0.02% of its population being identified as Anomalies, and the only
countries in the highest bracket being Russia, China, United States, United
Kingdom, Ukraine, Japan, and France. This has led experts to believe that the
Anomaly population of the world may again double in the next two years.

The W.H.O. and other organizations have organized all reported Anomaly
abilities into eight different categories, which are shown in the pie chart at the
bottom of the print-out graphic, along with a rough estimate of how common
each category is worldwide. There seems to be no correlation between type of
ability and location. Most Anomalies find their powers are humble, but some
are much more powerful.

Anomalies are typically not legally allowed to use their abilities without some
form of license from their government. Many are only granted permission to
use their abilities in their own homes, in small spurts, and not usually on
other people under any circumstances. In 99% of cases, those who display an
affinity toward Communal Abilities are never permitted to use them under
any circumstances.

These questions have been sent in or asked by fans and friends previously,
so I decided to just publish the answers in a F.A.Q. section! I hope you find
what you need here, and if not, shoot me a tweet~

Q: When will the first book “Black Tie” be available for me to purchase?
A: You can get the eBook (there’s a free Kindle app for your phone or tablet!)
and unsigned paperback versions via Amazon on April 26th 2017! Special fan
merch packages (which include a signed version of the paperback and other
treats!) will be available on this website sometime in May!

Q: How can I get my paperback copy from Amazon signed by you?
A: In 2017/18, as I tour around, I’m hoping to be dropping into coffee shops,
cafes, and such on the way to meet up with people who want their copies
signed. Anime con signing sessions are the best place to catch me at!

Q: Why did you choose a gay, white cis-male as a protagonist?
A: The fact that Cabe feels out of place in any sort of radical equality move-
ment as a white, cisgendered male with no superpowers to speak of will
play a huge role in the evolution of the story. Cabe’s story is the story of
allies, or of those who already have a great deal of their own minority’s
rights who still face levels of prejudice and discrimination despite the fact
their minority is, for the most part, now begrudgingly accepted. One of the
goals of this series, though, is to write an ensemble cast: so the story will
also revolve around the other characters and their experiences, struggles,
and evolution too!

Q: Are there any content warnings I should be aware of?
A: I’m not a fan of the word “trigger warning”, because I don’t like to assume
what might or might not trigger a person – mostly because depending on
our own experiences, we each have very different and unique triggers!
That being said, I’ll point out a couple of things in as spoiler-free a manner
as possible!
• The book contains very strong language and mature themes that include
guns and weaponry, mild violence, same-sex and heterosexual flirting, and
nudity. Sex scenes will always fade to black before anything NC-17 occurs.
• There are NO main character deaths in this book, but there is intermittent
discussion throughout the story of an ex-boyfriend who passed away.
• I’m not a fan of cute and beloved animals dying in books for “shock value”,
so rest assured that no adored pets in this novel series will die. Ever.
• Very uneasy flyers should avoid parts of the book that include airplanes
while travelling on an airplane if triggering is a personal concern. Wait ’til
you’re back on terra firma!

Q: I have a local convention I want you to come to as a Guest, how do I get
them to book you?

A: The best way to get a convention to book a guest is to show that there is
local interest in that guest! Conventions take a huge gamble when deciding
which guests they want to bring out and have to make sure they’re putting
the con’s wants and needs first. Gather up a small local fan base who also
want that person to appear as a guest, and request the guest via the con’s
proper channels (i.e., tweet at them, send them an e-mail, or check their
Facebook and forums to see if there’s a guest request thread!). Make sure
you are always polite and positive, and remember there’s a lot of behind-
the-scenes red tape that has to happen to bring a guest to a con!

Q: Am I allowed to create fan works (fanfic, fanart, cosplay, etc) using The
Sparrow Archives’ universe and characters?

A: Of course!!! In fact, I encourage it! As long as your fan works don’t infringe
on copyright law (meaning you can’t sell your own Sparrow Archives stories
or art directly for money), then by all means go ahead! ^_^

Q: When will the second book be out!?
A: I’m currently aiming for Christmas! I want to write some music with my
band in the next few months, but I’m already puzzling scenes and stories
out in my head, so I’m sure I’m going to be working on it on the side… hehe.