Live Show & Panels


Prepare yourself for a Kieran Strange performance like you’ve never seen before – because the queer-aligned pop-rocker from across the pond is dialing it up to eleven-point-five and laying it all on the line in his brand new, high-energy, multi-media live stage show!

Talented artist, tireless performer, passionate activist, and totally a huge dork, Kieran is joined by his supreme lieutenant dork Dave Kitsberg (who has performed with many prolific geek bands including Time Crash, Lemon Demon, Random Gibberish, and the Spoony Bards!), and occasionally percussionist and Bemani game addict Arnell Damasco.

Armed with a cache of both old favourites and brand new songs, Kieran and crew would be honoured to rock out both for and with you, as well as to meet you and sign autographs after the show. So if you love catchy tunes and British accents (and not being judged for catching Pokemon while you’re in a panel), this is the PERFECT place for you to PARTY!!!


You’ve heard him when he has to be family-friendly, or at least PG, but what about when the reins come off? Brits are known for their sharp witticisms and dirty sense of humour, and Kieran Strange hopes he won’t disappoint in that respect when he kidnaps you tonight for a panel of acoustic ditties and geeky parodies!

Convention stereotypes, Pokemon GO!, online haters, Dungeons & Dragons, voice actors, Marvel vs DC… even Kieran’s own queer identity won’t be off the table as he and his crew share some new material with you that will hopefully leave you snickering for weeks at jokes you just… can’t… PROPERLY explain to people who weren’t actually there. 😉 No videography, please!


LGBTQ+ issues, nerd culture, and the convention scene have been likely partners for many years now. Our panel of queer- and ally-identifying hosts will guide a thoughtful, tolerant, and open-minded discussion on non-heteronormative characters and themes, safety and inclusion at conventions, and how we have possibly used fanworks to explore our own genders and sexualities.

Call us Queer Geeks Anonymous: This panel (which is sponsored by Kieran Strange and friends’ LGBTQ+/SAGA geek group The Kaleidoscope Project) is a great one for both queer-identifying people, as WELL as allies old and new who may have questions about certain aspects of the queer community. We want to help you to learn, grow, understand, and therefore become better allies – and so we encourage and maintain a super-duper inclusive atmosphere in a judgement-free space for EVERYBODY’S comfort!


His self-learned skills with social media back in the day of its mainstream birth took him from a kid with a dream living in a sleepy English fishing village, to touring the UK, USA, Canada, and Japan. Nowadays, geeky musician and queer activist Kieran Strange continues to hang out online, reaching out to likeminded others online to feed his own addiction of meeting new folks!

Whether you are a vlogger, blogger, cosplayer, musician, singer, artist, merchandiser, DJ, comedian, or just want to start your own business or online presence, let Kieran and his social media- and marketing-savvy team share with you their knowledge of how to use all of the tools the Internet has given you to find your natural niche, get yourself out there, and start making waves!


As you all probably know in crafting, one day you appear to be IN the zone, and the next day you are OUT. But whatever zone you happen to be in today, we expect you to bring the best you’ve got for our judges when it comes to creativity, skill, instinct, and fast-paced cosplay fashion!

Project Cosplay is a brand new gameshow pitting pre-organized or random teams of convention attendees (and sometimes even a guest or two!) against one another to build and model the best item to fit the secret theme of that day’s game, whilst restricting them in time, equipment, and hilarious everyday materials.

While the teams are bustling away crafting, Kieran Strange and other hosts will treat our audience to a panel of cosplay knowledge, random Britishisms and Canadianisms, musicality, and total and utter randomness. After this, we’ll “light up” the “catwalk” for a runway show of epic… cardboard… proportions.

So – even if you don’t want to join a team of new friends and compete – come on down, catch your breath (and maybe even some Pokemon), and allow our contestants to shock and dazzle you with their endless abyss of imagination, as they always end up completely shocking and dazzling our judges!

All right, MacGuyvers… make it work! 😉



A great, show-stopping performance requires more than just standing on a stage, wearing a costume and/ or singing a song. In this informative workshop, internationally-acclaimed artist Kieran Strange and his intuitive and knowledgeable tour/stage manager Kit Watson will guide karaoke contestants, idols, and cosplay competitors of all skill levels through the Dos and Don’ts of being on stage, and teach you how to captivate your audience during your 15 minutes!

This panel is designed to foster a comfortable, supportive atmosphere that will both help singers, performers, and cosplayers with nerves overcome some of their stage fright, whilst simultaneously allowing those with more experience and confidence to develop their own persona on-stage to a level that won’t fail to wow judges!

And the best part?: your level of participation is entirely dependent on you! if you want to volunteer, Kieran and Kit will work through parts of your walk or routine with you in front of the group. But if not, simply sit back, take notes, and absorb the tips, tricks, and techniques they want to teach you. Everyone is welcome, just don’t be a troll!