Help us pick our default band colours!


We’ve now got a much better idea about branding for 2018/19 and for our concept album and new merch!

Cheers again, from all of us~!
Kieran & the boys

#Strangers – we need your help!

Your artistic eyes, your creative vision – all of it!


I’ve been designing a new band logo for the project I’m working on with guitarist Dave and drummer Arnell, WE ARE THE CHAOS,¬†and we can’t decide which default colour we like best!¬†Purple is going to remain my personal branding colour, but I wanted the band itself to have a different and individual default branding colour to separate it a little from any personal stuff I end up doing in the future.

The idea of the logo is that it can be represented in different colours, including rainbow pride colours, but that this specific colour we are choosing now will be the “default” branding!

And we’re stuck between blue and teal!

So, what do you think???

I’ve set up a poll on my Twitter – you can check it out and VOTE for your favourite colour by CLICKING THIS LINK!

The poll will last four days, meaning we’ll look at what everyone thinks next Thursday/Friday when the poll ends, and we’ll have our new band logo…

You don’t have to be a Twitter user to vote, but if you are, shoot me a follow and I’ll follow you back, too! Let’s be friends!

Thanks in advance, so much!!!

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