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Hey, everyone!

I spent last night adjusting many of the prices on my Etsy site, Adamantine Arts. There were a couple reasons for this, most of them legitimate and rational, one or two silly. The election season and the fact that people are concerned about spending was definitely a factor, so I decided to look at where I would be able to squeeze in a little bit of a cut so that I could lower my prices as much as possible. Whatever the reasons, I have some new prices up for the adamantineartsbuttons and other merch items I have designed on my Etsy. Here’s a couple examples of how the pricing has changed…

Old Price –> New Price | Pronoun & Activist Price
1 x pinback button: $2.00 –> $1.75 | $1.50
3 x pinback buttons: $5.00 –> $4.50 | $4.00
4 x pinback buttons: $6.00 –> $5.50 | $5.00
7 x pinback buttons: $9.00 –> $8.00 | $7.50

I’ve also introduced (as you can see) Pronoun & Activist pricing. These are for buttons that I want to get into people’s hands because of the message they represent, and so I take a profit cut in order to give people more of a deal on the price. It means I take a fairly big loss, but it’s worth it for certain designs.

Anyway, feel free to check out my store! Share it around, show your friends. All of the proceeds go into either our RECORDING FUND or our TOURING FUND (which gets us out to conventions and the like), so every little helps!!!

The link is:

Thank ye!
Kieran xo

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