AHHHHHHHHH~ I’m so excited that I can finally talk about this!!!! I’ll be back at Youmacon in Detroit, MI this November and I absolutely cannot wait to see everybody again!


I’m really, really stoked for this con. Both Youma and Kumoricon (Portland, OR) are getting to experience some brand new material that no one has ever seen or heard before, as well as some new panels and other fun tricks we’re going to have stuffed up our sleeves! ^_~

First off, we’ll be hosting a second concert in addition to our usual Main Stage gig: an acoustic 18+ panel called The Naughty Corner, during which we’d love to treat y’all to some funny geeky parodies to some songs you’ve probably heard before.

Secondly, I’m ecstatic to announce that we’ll be debuting the cosplay music video for my 2015 track INVINCIBLE! For those of you who don’t know, I filmed some footage for a CMV at Youmacon last year; however, when I went on my mental health hiatus from Christmas til summer, I didn’t get a chance to release it. Sooooooo, we’re going to be debuting it LIVE at my main concert this year! It’s looking incredible, I’ve been sifting through the footage and working on it, and I’ve got a little more to shoot in early October before I can finish it off! Can’t wait to share it! #ifeelinvincible <3

Feel free to hit me up at @KieranStrange on Twitter and Instagram! I’ll be cosplaying for some parts of the con too (I’m not a pro or anything, it’s just fun if I get time!) so it would be awesome to grab a selfie together~!

Kieran xo

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