Kieran Strange

Kieran Strange is a pop-rock artist, originally from a tiny fishing town on the south coast of England, who traveled to Canada alone at the tender age of seventeen to record her first EP. Her passion to bring a message of self-acceptance through music is apparent in how she communicates with her fans, always encouraging them to share their talents with the world via the Internet just like she has done. “So many people tore me down and said I’d never make anything of myself, never succeed in music, and I want to help other people realize their dreams are achievable,” she says, of the way she supports her fans.

Kieran Strange is a muscian dedicated to putting on a high energy, quality shows that hit like an electro-pop-rock cotton-candy car crash. The dynamic pink haired-rocker communicates a message of self-acceptance and courage, on and off the stage. Social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook has helped her create a deeper and more personal connection with her ever-growing fan-base from around the world. Always trying to inspire others to share their talents and passions, despite others opinions and the odds, she actively supports and promotes anti-bullying and autism awareness. Kieran also has a large niche fanbase in the anime and comic fandom, as she also sings fluently in Japanese.

Kieran’s Timeline

Kieran Strange came to Canada from England when she was only seventeen. After being in a progressive screamo band, Kieran decided to pursue a solo career in the genre that has inspired her the most through her teens: pop-rock. Since then, she has been working with the talented Judith Rabinovitch (Sarah McLachlan, Avril Lavigne, Moka Only). Through Judith’s guidance, Kieran has strengthened and honed her voice, and they continue to work together even now.

In 2010, Kieran started playing at festivals in Vancouver and Texas, after Houston-based talent buyer and events programmer, Jay Perez, discovered her on YouTube when a friend passed her cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on to him. Inspired by her energy on the small screen, Mr. Perez invited Kieran to attend San Japan in San Antonio, Texas. She was so well received by the convention attendees, Mr. Perez booked her again on the spot for the following year.

Kieran’s development of her stage performance throughout 2011 with numerous Vancouver performances paid off in 2012, with a critically acclaimed showcase at Canadian Music Week, more festival bookings in Canada and the US, and two UK tours.

With a touring schedule so far that surpassed all of her 2011 bookings, she is gearing up to tour near-continuously in the second half of 2012.

June 2012 UK Visit

After touring Alberta, Canada in early June of 2012, Kieran left to visit her home country of England. She spent two weeks touring the country-side, holding #Stranger meetups where her fans gathered in coffee shops, pubs, and even Harrod’s to spend time with their idol. She played several gigs which were well attended by fans, friends, and her family whom she’d not seen in several years.

While she was there, she met with several industry professionals seeking advice and guidance in her career development. Sean Devine of ASCAP, Steven Powers of Bauer Media, and Shain Shapiro of CIMA all met with Kieran to discuss her UK strategy for the next twelve months. Mr. Devine offered to connect Kieran with KPop writers in Sweden, as Kieran is planning to release her material in Japanese as well as Korean. Mr. Powers could not have enough good things to say about the young pop-rock artist, stating that she had the perfect sound and image for the UK and Europe, and that her tracks would be a great addition to the material currently spinning on Bauer.

Mr. Powers invited Kieran to set up a radio-interview, and play live in studio next time she was visiting the UK, and is currently in discussion with her team regarding spinning her tracks across Bauer’s network of 80+ media stations in the UK, including prominent KerrangTV. Mr. Devine suggest that Kieran return to the UK as soon as she was able, to begin a serious touring regime over 3-6 months in length. Mr. Shapiro offered advice on team-building in the UK and how best to start a tour schedule there for a younger artist.

Return to the UK

It is Kieran’s full intention to return to the UK in early December 2012 at Mr. Devine’s suggestion, and tour throughout the UK for most of December and all of January, as well as participate in strategic co-writes, radio station visits, and other industry networking events.

Press Releases

June 15th, 2011 – VANCOUVER ARTIST KIERAN STRANGE TRANSFORMS ADAM LAMBERT TUNE “If I Had You” to “Because We Believe” – The Unofficial Canucks Anthem